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Strategies for a Rewarding meeting. Part 1: The introduction

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A very first meeting with a prospective client is, most of the time, a kind of introductory talk.

Does he have a clear idea of what he wants? Is he acquainted with the process of building a website? Does he want a comprehensible explanation about the work flow?

Take the time; listen carefully, let the client explain why he invited you and provide a response tailored to his needs. Try to have a relaxed chat. To succeed, you will need to have a list of interesting topics in your sleeve and have the right answers ready. Although you don’t know how a meeting will develop, you can prepare yourself for a rewarding meeting following my guidelines below. Most questions and topics are regularly recurring.

When talking to a not technically savvy client, avoid fancy technical terms. You might think it makes you look smart, but it will make your client feel uncomfortable. while in fact you should set him at ease and convince him that all is going to be well.
You are there to lead him through this – yet unspecified – process.

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