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The utmost importance of collaboration.

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One plus one equals three.

Being a web designer is like being a director of photography on feature films: you need advanced technical skills and at the same time, you need to have a creative mind. Few people have both. So ask yourself: could you benefit from the help of a creative mind, or do you need a web developer? Or do you believe you can do both? Great! But even then… you should consider looking for a friend and start a collaboration.

If you are a newbie web designer, find a newbie graphic designer whose work you admire. Present yourself as a team. Clients don’t like solo performers, and they have good reasons for that.

Even for more experienced web designers, collaboration is interesting. Look for graphic designers in your region and try to arrange a meeting. Sometimes they are seeking new job opportunities too, or are in desperate need of a good web developer because their client wants to redesign his website or wants to jump on the digital marketing train. I know quite a few fantastic graphic artists who are experts in printing techniques but don’t know a thing about web design. And they’d love to be backed by a good developer so they can broaden their client range. One plus one is three.

Skills & availability

My experience is that when you present yourself to clients for quite a large job as a one-man-can-do-all-company, they get anxious. How can one person have all these skills? And secondly, how about service after delivery? What if he/she breaks a leg? What if he/she decides to switch careers? A team is much, much more convincing. I missed some great jobs in the past just because of that. It is THE most important application tip I can give you.

And last but not least: collaboration means you can chat, exchange ideas, argue, have a coffee in town during working hours and learn from each other.

And if everything works out well, who knows… you can start a business together, share a working space and save on overhead costs.

Grab that phone and start networking. They’ve been waiting for you.

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