A late night read for aspiring web designers

Website Dimensions

Once started as a one pager about website dimensions, this site has now become a collection of web design related articles.

After working almost twenty years in web design, the time has come for me to pass my knowledge on to you, aspiring and beginning web designers. I always appreciated experienced colleagues generously sharing their knowledge. Now it’s my time to pool my expertise. That’s how it works.

Although I will talk about best practices in coding too, this blog is more about the stuff they won’t teach you at school. This blog is meant to be a pleasant read for the late-night hour. A gathering of thoughts.

I will help you to develop a professional workflow. I will talk about how to present yourself to a prospect, how to find your place as a novice entrepreneur and much more.

The key to success is that you love what you do and that you have the opportunity to work with experts in the field. The latter isn’t always possible. I will try to fill that gap for you.

Find yourself a comfortable armchair and enjoy.